Wednesday July 31st

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CAV #17: Invited talk (Aud. 1)
09:00  Holzmann: Software analysis and model checking
TABLEAUX #3 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
09:00  Miller and Pimentel: Using linear logic to reason about sequent systems
ICLP #9: World Wide Web (Aud. 4)
Invited talk
09:00  Decker: Logic databases on the semantic web: Challenges and opportunities
WLPE #1: Constraints (Aud. 7)
09:00  Ċgren, Szeredi, Beldiceanu, and Carlsson: Tracing and explaining execution of CLP(FD) programs
RADM #1 (Aud. 8)
09:00  Cairns and Gow: Automated deduction systems for real mathematicians
09:30  Ouis, Jussien, and Boizumault: COINS: a constraint-based interactive solving system09:30  Lingjun, Kobayashi, Murao, and Suzuki: Notes on formalizing induction on the number of sets
CAV #18: Code Verification (Aud. 1)
10:00  Henzinger, Jhala, Majumdar, Necula, Sutre, and Weimer: Temporal-safety proofs for systems code
10:00  Giese: A model generation style completeness proof for constraint tableaux with superposition10:00  Bry and Schaffert: Towards a declarative query and transformation language for XML and semistructured data: Simulation unification10:00  Lesaint: Value withdrawal explanations: a theoretical tool for programming environments10:00  Colton, McCasland, Bundy, and Walsh: Automated theory formation for tutoring tasks in pure mathematics


CAV #19: Regular Model Checking (Aud. 1)
11:00  Bouajjani and Touili: Extrapolating tree transformations
TABLEAUX #4 (Aud. 3)
11:00  Eiter, Klotz, Tompits, and Woltran: Modal nonmonotonic logics revisited: Efficient encodings for the basic reasoning tasks
ICLP #10: Theory (Aud. 4)
11:00  Pientka: A proof-theoretic foundation for tabled higher-order logic programming
WLPE #2: Constraints, Object-oriented (Aud. 7)
11:00  Fages: CLPGUI: a generic graphical user interface for constraint logic programming over finite domains
RADM #2 (Aud. 8)
11:00  Kerber and Pollet: On the design of mathematical concepts
11:30  Abdulla, Jonsson, Mahata, and d'Orso: Regular tree model checking11:30  Letz: Lemma and model caching in decision procedures for quantified boolean formulas11:30  Craciunescu: Proving the equivalence of CLP programs11:30  Wielemaker and Anjewierden: An architecture for making object-oriented systems available from Prolog11:30  Schwarzweller: Symbolic deduction in mathematical databases based on propertiesCICLOPS #1: LP and Program Analysis (Aud. 10)
11:30  Schrijvers: Combining an improvement to PARMA trailing with analysis in HAL
12:00  Kurshan, Levin, and Yenigun: Compressing transitions for model checking12:00  ten Cate and Shan: Question answering: from partitions to prolog12:00  Bruscoli: A purely logical account of sequentiality in proof search12:00  Falkman and Torgersson: Enhancing usefulness of declarative programming frameworks through complete integration12:00  Ferreira and Damas: WAM local analysis


CAV #20: Model Reduction (Aud. 1)
14:00  Khomenko, Koutny, and Vogler: Canonical prefixes of Petri net unfoldings
TABLEAUX #5 (Aud. 3)
14:00  Metcalfe, Olivetti, and Gabbay: Analytic sequent calculi for abelian and Lukasiewicz logics
ICLP #11: Invited Tutorial (Aud. 4)
14:00  Truszczynski: Answer set programming
WLPE #3: Logic programming (Aud. 7)
14:00  Neumerkel and Kral: Declarative program development in Prolog with GUPU
PaPS+RADM Joint session 1 (Aud. 8)
Invited talk
14:00  Harrison: Extracting test problems from real applications
CICLOPS #2: (C)LP and OO (Aud. 10)
14:00  Douence and Jussien: Non-intrusive constraint solver enhancements
14:30  Blom and van de Pol: State space reduction by proving confluence14:30  Baaz and Ciabattoni: A Schütte-Tait style cut-elimination proof for first-order Gödel logic14:30  Gupta and Gopal: Towards a logic programming based environment for automatic generation of translators14:30  Pineda and Bueno: The O'Ciao approach to OO LP
15:00  Gurumurthy, Bloem, and Somenzi: Fair simulation minimization15:00  Ferrari, Fiorentini, and Fiorino: Tableau calculi for the logics of finite k-ary trees15:00  Angelopoulos: Exporting Prolog source code15:00  Zimmer, Franke, Colton, and Sutcliffe: Integrating HR and tptp2X into MathWeb to compare automated theorem provers15:00  Carro and Hermenegildo: A simple approach to distributed objects in Prolog


TABLEAUX #6 (Aud. 3)
16:00  Zarba: A tableau calculus for combining non-disjoint theories
ICLP #12: Stable Models and Answer Sets I (Aud. 4)
16:00  Inoue and Sakama: Disjunctive explanations
WLPE #4: Abstract interpretation (Aud. 7)
16:00  Vaucheret and Bueno: More precise yet efficient type inference for logic programs
PaPS+RADM Joint session 2 (Aud. 8)
16:00  Andrews, Bundy, McCune, and Sommer: Challenge problems for automated deduction (with special emphasis on mathematics)
CICLOPS #3: LP and its implementation guts (Aud. 10)
16:00  Guo and Gupta: Cuts in tabled logic programming
16:30  Stenz: DCTP 1.216:30  Castro, Costa, and Lopes: On the cache performance of Prolog systems
17:00  Habert, Notin, and Galmiche: LINK: a proof environment based on proof nets

17:30-18:30: TABLEAUX TABLEAUX Business Meeting (Aud. 3)

18:00-19:30: ICLP ICLP boat trip excursion; leaving from *Nyhavn* (Nyhavn)

ICLP+TABLEAUX Conference dinner (Restaurant Luftkastellet)
19:30  Banquet
Banquet speaker
20:30  Dahl: Title TBA