Tuesday July 30th

All assigned slots
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CAV #13: Infinite State Model Checking (Aud. 1)
09:00  Kupferman, Piterman, and Vardi: Model checking linear properties of prefix-recognizable systems
CADE #13: Equational reasoning (Aud. 3)
09:00  Bofill and Rubio: Well-foundedness is sufficient for completeness of ordered paramodulation
ICLP #5: Constraints (Aud. 4)
Invited talk
09:00  Boigelot and Wolper: Representing arithmetic constraints with finite automata: An overview
09:30  Rybina and Voronkov: Using canonical representations of solutions to speed up infinite-state model checking09:30  Lynch and Morawska: Basic syntactic mutation
10:00  Hartong, Hedrich, and Barke: On discrete modeling and model checking for nonlinear analog systems10:00  Hillenbrand and Löchner: The next Waldmeister loop10:00  Maher: Propagation completeness of reactive constraints


CAV #14: Compositional Verification II (Aud. 1)
11:00  Chakrabarti, de Alfaro, Henzinger, and Mang: Synchronous and bidirectional component interfaces
CADE #14: Proof theory (Aud. 3)
11:00  Andreoli: Focussing proof-net construction as a middleware paradigm
ICLP #6: Memory Management (Aud. 4)
11:00  Makholm and Sagonas: On enabling the WAM with region support
11:30  Chakrabarti, de Alfaro, Henzinger, Jurdzinski, and Mang: Interface compatibility checking for software objectsCADE+TABLEAUX Invited talk (Aud. 3)
11:30  Baaz: Proof analysis by resolution
11:30  Demoen, Nguyen, and Vandeginste: Copying garbage collection for the WAM: To mark or not to mark ?
12:00  Colón and Sipma: Practical methods for proving program termination12:00  Demoen: A different look at garbage collection for the WAM


CAV #15: Extended Model Checking (Aud. 1)
14:00  Tan and Cleaveland: Evidence-based model checking
TABLEAUX #1 (Aud. 3)
14:00  Degtyarev, Fisher, and Konev: A simplified clausal resolution procedure for propositional linear-time temporal logic
ICLP #7: Invited Tutorial (Aud. 4)
14:00  Frühwirth: Constraint handling rules
14:30  Cabodi, Nocco, and Quer: Mixing forward and backward traversals in guided-prioritized BDD-based verification14:30  Chetcuti-Sperandio: Tableau-based automated deduction for duration calculus
15:00  Purandare and Somenzi: Vacuum cleaning CTL formulae15:00  Mayer and Limongelli: Linear time logic, conditioned models and planning with incomplete knowledge


CAV #16: Tool Presentations II (Aud. 1)
16:00  Stump, Barrett, and Dill: CVC: a cooperating validity checker
TABLEAUX #2 (Aud. 3)
16:00  Letz and Stenz: Integration of equality reasoning into the disconnection calculus
ICLP #8: Programming and Extensions (Aud. 4)
16:00  Ganzinger and McAllester: Logical algorithms
16:15  Chechik, Devereux, and Gurfinkel: ξChek: A multi-valued model-checker
16:30  Ben-David, Gringauze, Sterin, and Wolfsthal: PathFinder: A tool for design exploration16:30  Sofronie-Stokkermans: Deciding uniform word problems involving bridging operators on bounded distributive lattices16:30  Schimpf: Logical loops
16:45  Dams, Hesse, and Holzmann: Abstracting C with abC
17:00  Groce, Peled, and Yannakakis: AMC: An adaptive model checker17:00  Petermann: A confluent theory connection calculus17:00  Martin, Nguyen, Sharma, and Stephan: Learning in logic with RichProlog

17:15-18:15: CAV CAV Business Meeting (Aud. 1)

17:30-18:30: ICLP Association of Logic Programming general meeting (Aud. 4)

IFCoLog meeting (Aud. 3)
17:45  Presentation of IFCoLog

18:30-21:00: ICLP Prolog Programming Competition (DIKU)

19:30-22:00: CAV Conference dinner (Restaurant Luftkastellet)