Wednesday July 24th

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LICS #9 (Aud. 1)
09:00  Ong: Observational equivalence of 3rd-order idealized Algol is decidable
FME #9: Invited speaker (Aud. 2)
Invited talk
09:00  Basin: The next 700 synthesis calculi
RTA #9 (Aud. 3)
09:00  Geser: Loops of superexponential lengths in one-rule string rewriting
09:30  Hyland and Schalk: Games on graphs and sequantially realizable functionals09:30  Tahhan-Bittar: Recursive derivational length bounds for confluent term rewrite systems
10:00  Laurent: Polarized games10:00  Whalen, Schumann, and Fischer: Synthesizing certified code10:00  Lucas: Termination of (canonical) context-sensitive rewriting


LICS #10 (Aud. 1)
11:00  Edalat and Lieutier: Domain theory and differential calculus (functions of one variable)
FME #10: Refinement and program verification (Aud. 2)
11:00  Sampaio, Woodcock, and Cavalcanti: Refinement in Circus
RTA #10 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
11:00  Baader: Engineering of logics for the content-based representation of information
11:30  Simpson: Computational adequacy for recursive types in models of intuitionistic set theory11:30  Cavalcanti and Naumann: Forward simulation for data refinement of classes
12:00  Varacca: The powerdomain of indexed valuations12:00  Wildman: A formal basis for a program compilation proof tools12:00  Charatonik and Talbot: Atomic set constraints with projection


LICS #11 (Aud. 1)
Invited lecture
14:00  Cook: Complexity Classes, Propositional Proof Systems, and Formal Theories
FME #11: Model checking theory (Aud. 2)
14:00  Firley and Goltz: Property dependent abstraction of control structure for software verification
RTA #11 (Aud. 3)
14:00  Levy and Villaret: Currying second-order unification
14:30  Ioustinova, Sidorova, and Steffen: Closing open SDL-systems for model checking with DTSpin14:30  Dougherty and Wierzbicki: A decidable variant of higher order matching
15:00  Hesse and Immerman: Complete problems for dynamic complexity classes15:00  Kristensen and Mailund: A generalised sweep-line method for safety properties15:00  Baader and Tinelli: Combining decision procedures for positive theories sharing constructors


LICS #12 (Aud. 1)
16:00  Atserias: Unsatisfiable random formulas are hard to certify
FME #12: Combining methods (Aud. 2)
16:00  Treharne: Supplementing a UML development process with B
16:30  Soltys and Cook: The proof complexity of linear algebra16:30  Dong, Sun, and Wang: Semantic web for extending and linking formalisms
17:00  Leivant: Calibrating computational feasibility by abstraction rank17:00  Umedu, Terashima, Yasumoto, Nakata, Higashino, and Taniguchi: A language for describing wireless mobile applications with dynamic establishment of multi-way synchronization channels
LICS #13: Short Paper Session (Aud. 1)
17:30  Ford, Mason, and Shankar: Lessons learned from formal developments in PVS

17:30-19:00: FME FME business meeting (Aud. 2)

17:40  Soliman: CLP implementation of a phase model checker
17:50  Godskesen, Hildebrandt, and Sassone: An overview of MR, a calculus of mobile resources
18:00  Faggian: Ludics dynamics: Designs and interactive observability

20:00-21:00: LICS LICS Business Meeting (Aud. 1)