Tuesday July 23rd

All assigned slots
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LICS #5 (Aud. 1)
09:00  Palsberg and Zhao: Efficient type inference for record concatenation and subtyping
FME #5: Invited speaker (Aud. 2)
Invited talk
09:00  Hall: Correctness by construction: Integrating formality into a commercial development process
RTA #5 (Aud. 3)
09:00  Severi and de Vries: An extensional Böhm model
09:30  Frisch, Castagna, and Benzaken: Semantic subtyping09:30  Forest: A weak calculus with explicit operators for pattern matching and substitution
10:00  Fiore, Cosmo, and Balat: Remarks on isomorphisms in typed lambda calculi with empty and sum types10:00  Marinov and Khurshid: VAlloy - virtual functions meet a relational language10:00  Liang and Nadathur: Tradeoffs in the intensional representation of lambda terms


LICS #6 (Aud. 1)
11:00  Statman: On the lambda Y calculus
FME #6: Smart cards (Aud. 2)
11:00  Rusu: Verification using test generation techniques
RTA #6 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
11:00  Mitchell: Multiset rewriting and security protocol analysis
11:30  Faella, Torre, and Murano: Dense real-time games11:30  Cataño and Huisman: Formal specification and static checking of Gemplus' electronic purse using ESC/Java
12:00  Dima: Computing reachability relations in timed automata12:00  Casset: Development of an embedded verifier for Java Card byte code using formal methods12:00  Déharbe, Moreira, and Ringeissen: Improving symbolic model checking by rewriting temporal logic formulae


LICS #7 (Aud. 1)
Invited lecture
14:00  Gottlob: Monadic Queries over Tree-Structured Data
FME #7: Refinement and proof (Aud. 2)
14:00  Backes, Jacobi, and Pfitzmann: Deriving cryptographically sound implementations using composition and formally verified bisimulation
RTA #7 (Aud. 3)
14:00  Voigtländer: Conditions for efficiency improvement by tree transducer composition
14:30  Pahl: Interference analysis for dependable systems using refinement and abstraction14:30  Bravenboer and Visser: Rewriting strategies for instruction selection
15:00  Benedikt and Libkin: Tree extension algebras: Logics, automata, and query languages15:00  Henderson and Paynter: The formal classification and verification of Simpson's 4-slot asynchronous communication mechanism15:00  Bournez and Kirchner: Probabilistic rewrite strategies: Applications to ELAN


LICS #8 (Aud. 1)
16:00  Frick and Grohe: The complexity of first-order and monadic second-order logic revisited
FME #8: Real-time and performance (Aud. 2)
16:00  Fidge: Timing analysis of assembler code control-flow paths
RTA #8: Tool Demonstrations (Aud. 3)
16:00  van de Pol: JITty: A rewriter with strategy annotations
16:20  Durand: Autowrite
16:30  Bars: The 0-1 law fails for frame satisfiability of propositional modal logic16:30  Cengarle and Knapp: Towards OCL/RT
16:40  Lecland and Réty: TTSLI: an implementation of tree-tuple synchronized languages
17:00  Ishihara, Khoussainov, and Rubin: Some results on automatic structures17:00  Garavel and Herrmans: On combining functional verification and performance evaluation using CADP17:00  Lippi: in²: A graphical interpreter for interaction nets
FME+LICS+RTA Conference dinner (Restaurant Luftkastellet)
19:30  Banquet
Plenary talk
21:30  Davis: Alan Turing & the advent of the computer