Monday July 22nd

All assigned slots
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FME+LICS+RTA FLoC opening (Aud. 1)
08:45  Introduction and welcome
Invited talk
08:55  Shankar: Little engines of proof
LICS #1 (Aud. 1)
10:00  Welcome to LICS by Samson Abramsky
FME #1: Testing (Aud. 2)
10:00  Legeard, Peureux, and Utting: Automated boundary testing from Z and B
RTA #1 (Aud. 3)
10:00  Melliès: Axiomatic rewriting theory VI: Residual theory revisited
10:05  Lynch and Morawska: Automatic decidability


LICS #2 (Aud. 1)
11:00  Clarke, Jha, Lu, and Veith: Tree-like counterexamples in model checking
FME #2: Testing (Aud. 2)
11:00  Ratsaby, Sterin, and Ur: Improvements in coverability analysis
RTA #2 (Aud. 3)
11:00  Kennaway, Khasidashvili, and Piperno: Static analysis of modularity of beta-reduction in the hyperbalanced lambda-calculus
11:30  Laplante, Lassaigne, Magniez, Peyronnet, and de Rougemont: Probabilistic abstraction for model checking: An approach based on property testing11:30  Burguillo-Rial, Fernández-Iglesias, Gonzáles-Castaño, and Llamas-Nistal: Heuristic-driven test case selection from formal specifications. A case study11:30  Faure and Kirchner: Exceptions in the rewriting calculus
12:00  Reps, Loginov, and Sagiv: Semantic minimization of 3-valued propositional formulae12:00  Bourdonov, Kossatchev, Kuliamin, and Petrenko: UniTesK test suite architecture12:00  Struth: Deriving focused lattice calculi


LICS #3 (Aud. 1)
Invited lecture
14:00  Reynolds: Separation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures
FME #3: Semantics and logic (In memory of John Dawes) (Aud. 2)
14:00  von Oheimb and Nipkow: Hoare logic for NanoJava: Auxiliary variables, side effects and virtual methods revisited
RTA #3 (Aud. 3)
14:00  Seki, Takai, Fujinaka, and Kaji: Layered transducing term rewriting system and its recognizability preserving property
14:30  Bicarregui: Do not read this14:30  Ohsaki and Takai: Decidability and closure properties for computation on equational tree languages
15:00  Ahmed, Appel, and Virga: A stratified semantics of general references embeddable in higher-order logic15:00  Jørgensen: Safeness of make-based incremental recompilation15:00  Réty and Vuotto: Regular sets of descendants by some rewrite strategies


LICS #4 (Aud. 1)
16:00  Hamid, Shao, Trifonov, Monnier, and Ni: A syntactic approach to foundational proof-carrying code
FME #4: Model checking support for analysis (Aud. 2)
16:00  Arts, Benac Earle, and Derrick: Verifying Erlang code: a resource locker case-study
RTA #4 (Aud. 3)
16:00  Waldmann: Rewrite games
16:30  Jeffrey and Rathke: A fully abstract may testing semantics for concurrent objects16:30  Mota, Borba, and Sampaio: Mechanical abstraction of CSPZ processes

16:30-17:30: RTA Business meeting (Aud. 3)

17:00  Reus and Streicher: Semantics and logic of object calculi17:00  Barner, Ben-David, Gringauze, Sterin, and Wolfsthal: An algorithmic approach to design exploration
17:30  Huber and King: Towards an integrated model checker for railway signalling data

19:00-21:00: FME+LICS+RTA City Hall reception (City Hall)