Sunday July 21st

All assigned slots
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08:45-09:00: REFINE #7: Opening and introduction (Aud. 4)

08:45-09:00: WRS Opening (Aud. 6)

08:45-09:00: AS #1: Opening and Introduction (Aud. 10)

FICS #5 (Aud. 2)
Invited talk
09:00  Kozen: On two letters versus three
DOMAIN #5 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
09:00  Lawvere: Some open problems concerning cartesian closed categories
REFINE #8: Architecture II (Aud. 4)
Invited talk
09:00  Engelhardt: Towards a refinement theory that supports reasoning about knowledge and time for multiple agents
HOR #1 (Aud. 5)
Invited talk
09:00  Wells: Rewriting in the design of type systems
WRS #1 (Aud. 6)
Invited talk
09:00  Middeldorp: Approximations for strategies and termination
AS #2: Tools and Applications (Aud. 10)
09:00  van den Brand and Vinju: How ASF+SDF technology can be used to develop an action semantics environment
EFSD #1: Welcome and Invited Talk (Aud. 7)
09:30  Welcome and Introduction
09:30  Meneses, Moura, Cansancao, Monteiro, and Sampaio: The Abaco system: An action tool for programming language designers
Invited talk
09:40  Sekerinski: Tabular verification and refinement
Invited talk
09:45  Anlauff, Pavlovic, and Smith: Title TBA
10:00  Leiss: Kleenean semimodules and linear languages10:00  Bedregal and Callejas-Bedregal: biScott domain as a Cartesian closed category10:00  Cirstea, Kirchner, Liquori, and Wack: The rho cube: some results, some problems10:00  Réty and Vuotto: Regular sets of descendants by leftmost strategy10:00  Sherif, Cavalcanti, and Moura: Using Abaco to animate a real-time specification language
10:20  Lamo and Walicki: Composition and refinement of specifications and parameterised data types


FICS #6 (Aud. 2)
11:00  Zhang: Decidable fragments of domain mu-calculus: an automata-theoretic perspective
DOMAIN #6 (Aud. 3)
11:00  Bedregal: An information systems representation to SFP and retract of SFP domains
REFINE #9: Concurrency (Aud. 4)
Invited talk
11:00  Davies and Crichton: Concurrency and refinement in the UML
HOR #2 (Aud. 5)
11:00  Leivant: Untyped term rewriting
WRS #2 (Aud. 6)
11:00  van den Brand, Klint, and Vinju: Term rewriting with type-safe traversal functions
EFSD #2: Technical Papers 1 (Aud. 7)
11:00  Andrade and Fiadeiro: Coordination primitives for evolving event-based systems
ICC #4 (Aud. 8)
Invited talk
11:00  Royer: Programs for feasible functionals
AS #3: Foundations (Aud. 10)
11:00  Carvilhe and Musicante: An object-oriented view of action semantics descriptions
11:30  Korovina: Fixed points on abstract structures without the equality test11:30  Kin and Dongsheng: On characterization of Scott closed set lattices11:30  Momigliano: Higher-order pattern disunification revisited11:30  Laemmel: The sketch of a polymorphic symphony11:30  Discussion11:30  Meneses and Moura: An extensible definition for action notation
11:40  Fecher and Majster-Cederbaum: Taking decisions late: end-based choice combined with action refinement
11:45  Schairer: Proof transformations for reusing proofs after changing subformulae of verification conditions
12:00  Boudol and Zimmer: Recursion in the call-by-value λ-calculus12:00  Severi and de Vries: A lambda calculus for D12:00  Hamana: Term rewriting with variable binding12:00  Olmos and Visser: Strategies for source-to-source constant propagation12:00  Oliva: On modified bar recursion12:00  Mosses: A modular SOS for action notation, revisited
12:10  Fecher, Majster-Cederbaum, and Wu: Refinement of actions in a real-time process algebra with a true concurrency model
12:15  Discussion


DOMAIN #7 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
14:00  Plotkin: Algebraic aspects of domain theory
VDM Tutorial (Aud. 4)
Invited tutorial
14:00  Fitzgerald, Larsen, Mukherjee, and Plat: Half-day tutorial on VDM++
HOR+WRS Joint invited speaker (Aud. 5)
Invited talk
14:00  van Oostrom: Optimal strategies in higher-order rewriting
EFSD #3: Technical Papers 2 (Aud. 7)
14:00  Groves: A formal approach to program evolution
ICC #5 (Aud. 8)
Invited talk
14:00  Immerman: Descriptive programming
AS #4: Related Frameworks (Aud. 10)
Invited talk
14:00  Börger: Computation and specification models: A comparative study
FICS #7 (Aud. 2)
Invited talk
14:30  Labella: Kleene's (unary) star in nondeterministic context
14:30  Discussion
14:45  Baumeister: Formal methods and extreme programming
15:00  Zhang, Jiang, and Chen: Stable bifinite domains: the finite antichain conditionHOR #3 (Aud. 5)
15:00  Forest: Evaluation strategies for calculi with explicit pattern matching and substitutions
WRS #3 (Aud. 6)
15:00  Glauert and Khasidashvili: An abstract Böhm-normalization
15:00  Ostrin and Wainer: Computational complexity in a weak arithmetic15:00  Kalinov, Kossatchev, Posypkin, and Shishkov: Using ASM specification for automatic test suite generation for mpC parallel programming language compiler
15:05  Piccinini and Scollo: The visual proof manipulation project (VPM)
15:25  Discussion


FICS #8 (Aud. 2)
16:00  Jensen, Ployette, and Ridoux: Iteration schemes for fixed point calculation
DOMAIN #8 (Aud. 3)
Invited talk
16:00  Winskel: Domain theory for concurrency
VDM Tutorial (Aud. 4)
16:00  Fitzgerald, Larsen, Mukherjee, and Plat continued
HOR #4 (Aud. 5)
16:00  Melliès: On head rewriting paths in the λσ-calculus
WRS #4 (Aud. 6)
16:00  Albert, Hanus, Huch, Oliver, and Vidal: Operational semantics for lazy functional logic programs
EFSD #4: System Demos (Aud. 7)
16:00  System demonstrations
ICC #6 (Aud. 8)
16:00  Leivant: Facets of ramification
AS #5: Foundations (Aud. 10)
16:00  Choi, Doh, and Shin: The analysis of secure information-flow in actions by abstract interpretation
16:30  Santocanale: Congruences of modal µ-algebras16:30  Sakai and Kusakari: On proving termination of higher-order rewrite systems by the dependency pair technique16:30  Harrison and Kieburtz: Pattern-driven reduction in Haskell16:30  Maietti and Ritter: Normalization bounds in rudimentary linear lambda calculus16:30  Iversen: Type inference for the new action notation
16:45  Closing remarks
17:00  Ayala-Rincón, Neto, Jacobi, Llanos, and Hartenstein: Applying ELAN strategies in simulation processors over simple architectures17:00  Neergaard and Mairson: LAL is square: Representation and expressiveness in light affine logicAS #6: Tools (Aud. 10)
17:00  van der Storm: AN-2 tools

17:30-18:00: WRS Final discussion and closing (Aud. 6)

AS #7: The Future of Action Semantics and Related Frameworks (Aud. 10)
17:30  Discussion