Thursday August 1st

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TABLEAUX #7 (Aud. 3)
09:00  Blackburn and Marx: Tableaux for quantified hybrid logic
ICLP #13: Stable Models and Answer Sets II (Aud. 4)
09:00  Bonatti: Reasoning with infinite stable models II: Disjunctive programs
CLIMA #1: Agents: Arguments and Updates (Aud. 7)
09:00  Schroeder and Schweimeier: Arguments and misunderstandings: Fuzzy unification for negotiating agents
PaPS #3 (Aud. 8)
09:00  Hsiang, Shieh, and Chen: The cyclic complete mapppings counting problems
RT-TOOLS #1: Design and Synthesis (Aud. 10)
09:15  Welcome
09:30  Thion, Cerrito, and Mayer: A general theorem prover for quantified modal logics09:30  Lonc and Truszczynski: Computing stable models: Worst-case performance estimates09:30  Leite, Alferes, Pereira, Przymusinska, and Przymusinski: A language for multi-dimensional updates09:30  Slaney: A benchmark template for substructural logics09:30  Frehse: Solving simulation relations of timed automata for the design and verification of timed discrete controllers
10:00  Nguyen: Analytic tableau systems for propositional bimodal logics of knowledge and belief10:00  Dimopoulos and Sideris: Towards local search for answer sets10:00  Kakas and Moraitis: Argumentative agent deliberation, roles and context10:00  Ernst et al.: More first-order test problems in math and logic10:00  Goldman, Pelican, and Musliner: Verifier trace-directed backjumping for controller synthesis


TABLEAUX #8 (Aud. 3)
11:00  Hladik: Implementation and optimization of a tableau algorithm for the guarded fragment
ICLP #14: Negation and Extensions (Aud. 4)
11:00  Cabalar: A rewriting method for well-founded semantics with explicit negation
CLIMA #2: Logics for Agents (Aud. 7)
11:00  Toyama, Kojima, and Inagaki: Translating multi-agent autoepistemic logic into logic program
PaPS #4 (Aud. 8)
11:00  Claessen, Hähnle, and Mårtensson: Verification of hardware systems with first-order logic
RT-TOOLS #2: Model-Checking (Aud. 10)
11:00  Møller: Simplifying fixpoint computations in verification of real-time systems
11:30  Wirth: A new indefinite semantics for Hilbert's epsilon11:30  Antoniou and Maher: Embedding defeasible logic into logic programs11:30  Dell'Acqua, Nilsson, and Pereira: A logic based asynchronous multi-agent systemInvited talk
11:30  Schumann: Using automated theorem provers? using automated theorem provers!
11:30  Audemard, Cimatti, Kornilowicz, and Sebastiani: Bounded model checking for timed systems
12:00  Willard: Some new exceptions for the semantic tableaux version of the second incompletness theorem12:00  Pearce, Sarsakov, Schaub, Tompits, and Woltran: A polynomial translation of logic programs with nested expressions into disjunctive logic programs: Preliminary report12:00  Harland and Winikoff: Language design issues for agents based on linear logic (extended abstract)12:00  Bosnacki: Partial order and symmetry reductions for discrete time


TABLEAUX #9: Position papers (Aud. 3)
14:00  Hähnle, Murray, and Rosenthal: Unit preference for ordered resolution and for connection graph resolution
ICLP #15: Invited Tutorial (Aud. 4)
14:00  Roychoudhury and Ramakrishnan: Program transformations for automated verification
CLIMA #3: BDI Agent Systems (Aud. 7)
14:00  Bordini and Moreira: Proving the asymmetry thesis principles for a BDI agent-oriented programming language
RT-TOOLS #3: Tool Development (Aud. 10)
14:00  Altisen and Tripakis: Tools for controller synthesis of timed systems
14:20  Moser: Epsilon, delta, and speed-ups
14:30  Araragi, Takata, and Nide: A verification method for a commitment strategy of the BDI architecture14:30  David, Behrmann, Larsen, and Yi: New uppaal architecture
14:40  Harland: Search calculi for classical and intuitionistic logic
15:00  Fiorino: Improving the treatment of negation in propositional Dummett logic15:00  Nide, Takata, and Araragi: Deduction systems for BDI logics with mental state consistency15:00  Cervin, Henriksson, Lincoln, and Årzén: Jitterbug and TrueTime: Analysis tools for real-time control systems
15:20  Nualláin: Constraint tableaux


TABLEAUX #10: Position papers (Aud. 3)
16:10  Brown: A tableaux based system for propositional nonmonotonic logics
ICLP #16: Applications II (Aud. 4)
16:00  Christensen: Using logic programming to detect activities in pervasive healthcare
CLIMA #4: Agents: Speculative Computation and Introspection (Aud. 7)
16:00  Hayashi, Cho, and Ohsuga: Speculative computation and action execution in multi-agent systems
RT-TOOLS #4: Applications (Aud. 10)
16:00  Bérard, Bouyer, and Petit: Analysing the PGM protocol with uppaal
16:30  Happe: Free-variable tableaux for efficient deduction in K16:30  Benkö, Krauth, and Szeredi: A logic-based system for application integration16:30  Iwanuma and Inoue: Conditional answer computation in SOL as speculative computation in multi-agent environments16:30  Carlsson, Engblom, Ermedahl, Lindblad, and Lisper: Worst-case execution time analysis of disable interrupt regions in a commercial real-time operating system
16:50  Pliuskevicius: A parametrical similarity saturation based decision procedure for a fragment of FTL
17:00  Thielscher: Reasoning about actions with CHRs and finite domain constraints17:00  Bolander: Maximal introspection of agents
17:10  Preining: Proof theory and proof systems for projective and affine geometry
CLIMA Panel Discussion (Aud. 7)
17:30  Logics and Multi-agents: towards a new symbolic model of cognition