Guidelines for workshop organizers

If you're a workshop organizer at FLoC'02, this page describes how you're supposed to interact with the FLoC'02 webmasters.

If other branches of the LOC want to publish similar information, this information might be moved to a general "workshop handbook" elsewhere on this site. Watch out.

Some of the information here will also be valid for other kinds of auxiliary events, such as tutorials, business meetings, etc.

Workshop pages on the FLoC'02 web site

Each workshop will has a dedicated page on the FLoC'02 website, with a URL of the general form How informative this page is, is mostly up to the workshop organizer, but there are a few items that we will ask that you submit:

Mandatory items that the organizer must submit

We'll keep pestering you until you tell us at least this:
  • Your name, affiliation and electronic contact details
  • The workshop's short and long name. Typically the short name will be an acronym, and the long name will explain what the acronym is supposed to mean
  • A short or long piece of prose that describes what the workshop is about. There must be at least a couple of English sentences, but an HTML fragment with a more elaborate rationale and/or topic definition would be nice
  • Your overall session layout so we can have the program on the web and the FLoC program booklet tell at least when the workshop begins and ends. A special format must be used for session-layout data. The (firm!) deadline for the session layout is June 17.

Mandatory items that get added automatically

We get this through internal channels in the LOC:
  • Date(s) for the workshop
  • Room assignment
  • Link to the sponsoring conference
  • Registration fees and link to the registration system

Optional items

You can opt to have any or all of the following appear (see the content-provider guidelines for details):
  • A link to an off-site homepage for the workshop, if you prefer to keep control yourself
  • Your non-electronic contact details
  • List of program committee members or other organizers
  • Call for papers
    • In addition to HTML, you may supply PS/PDF files with fancy layout for hardcopies. If you want to have the FLoC logo appear on your announcement, there is an Encapsulated PostScript file here.
    • We strongly recommend that you tell us at least the deadlines (submission, notification, final copy) and keep us informed of extensions - then we can add them to the important dates page.
  • A list of accepted papers, optionally with abstracts, if you submit it as a BibTeX database
  • Bibliographic details for the workshop proceedings, if you include a record for it in your BibTeX file
  • Full integration with the technical program pages on the FLoC website. This is only possible if you follow the FLoC guidelines for session layout. Basically, presentation slots must be (multiples of) 30 minutes and aligned with on the half hour, with a lunch break between 13:30 and 14:00. Full integrations means that the actual presentation times will be shown on the website and crossreferenced and indexed in various ways (such as "which presentations start at 14.30 on Tuesday?"). We have a separate page which describes the precise format for submitting program information.