FLoC'02 webmasters

The chief webmaster of the FLoC'02 website is Henning Makholm (). is the webmaster backup and can do things when Henning is unavailable.

We use Lynx 2.7 and Netscape 4.75 for Linux to view the site ourselves, but we hope that it displays acceptably in your browser, too. If something goes really awry, feel free to write to and complain.

Production Notes

The FLoC'02 website consists of static HTML files that are generated by a Standard ML program we wrote for the purpose. This program

  • collects the contents of individual pages from hand-written source files marked up with clean HTML,
  • retrieves program information from a number of ad-hoc databases (some of which are just SML source files that define constant data structures) and marks it up as HTML,
  • constructs the sidebar menu and other navigation aids,
  • applies obscene amounts of ugly visual markup, and finally
  • spits out the finished site.

The visual markup is mostly by tables, transparent GIFs, and <FONT ...> tags. We'd love to have used more CSS than we do, but either we're too stupid to figure out how, or the CSS support in our version of Netscape is broken.

We use Moscow ML to compile and run the generator program. Other pieces of software involved in the production include Netpbm, GNU Make, emacs, CVS, perl, and BibTeX.

Web space is provided by DIKU who run an apache server.