Instructions for content providers

This page describes how to submit content to be included on the FLoC'02 website. Possible content providers are members of the LOC or OC, officials of the constituent meetings, workshop organizers, pepople responsible for excursions and other events, etc.

Unless other arrangements are made, content should be e-mailed to both webmasters. Follow the format guidelines below.

(Reality check: These instructions are NOT about how to submit scientific papers for presentation at FLoC'02. The Calls for Papers for the various constituent meetings will appear on the navigation bar to the left as soon as they are released).

Plain HTML pages

In most cases your contents should simply be formatted as a HTML page. Avoid using visual markup; we will apply the FLoC'02 "house style" (including the navigation bar) automatically. Use tables only if your contents have a tabular structure and try to organize your data such that they will make sense if the table layout is ignored.

Format your page like this example (which shows our master source for this very page):

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>for content providers</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><H1>Instructions for content providers</H1>
This page describes how to submit content to be
by the FLoC'02 Conference Chair.</P>
The <HR> element after the heading is important; our parser looks for it. You can give up to two lines of "subheading" (separated by <P> or <BR>) between </H1> and <HR>; they will be placed to the right of the heading proper, just above the fat horizontal line.

Use <H2> and <H3> for internal headings in the body of the page.

You may suggest an URL for your page, but we may not follow your suggestion. If you submit a set of mutually interlinked pages we'll adjust the internal links if we don't use your suggested URLs.

HTML fragments

Sometimes when we directly solicit contents, we ask for HTML fragments instead of entire HTML pages. In that case, simply send back plain HTML that can be inserted verbatim in a larger context - that is, do not use <HTML>, <BODY>, <H1> etc.

List of persons

Lists of persons, such as committee members, should not be marked up as HTML. We use a global database of people involved in FLoC'02 so that we can be consistent across the site when someone wears multiple hats. It would be confusing if the same person was alternately listed at being with the "Technical University of Vienna", "Vienna University of Technology" and "TU-Wien", for example.

This relational approach also means that it is easy to change the contact data for someone if they change. Also, it makes it possible to keep the hat counter up to date automaticlly.

To submit a list, simply send us a list of names (and a description of what the list is about, of course). Please also give affiliations and personal web page URLs (or, in default of that, email addresses) for each person if you know these data. This can be omitted if you know we already mention the person, of course.

Papers and program details

We now have a separate page that tells all about how to format details about the technical program and accepted papers.

The fine print

The webmasters reserve the right to judge whether submitted content is appropriate for inclusion on the website. Our decision is subject to review only by the FLoC'02 Conference Chair.