Recent Changes

Errata for earlier instances of this site

This list of changes is not comprehensive. It covers only those changes where something the website said previously was changed because it was wrong or the decision was changed.

Jyly 27th, 2002

  • All CAV sessions have been moved from Auditorium 2 to Auditorium 1. (There is a slight chance that they may move back again later - check the posted messages at the conference site).

July 24th, 2002

  • The ITRS presentation by Silvia Ghilesan and Silvia Likavec, resp. Ugo d'Liguoro, have been rescheduled into the slots previously announced for each other.

July 23rd, 2002

  • Contrary to prior announcements, the position papers by Santone and Vaglini, Shults, Pichora, van Eijck, Kapetanovic, and Waaler will not be presented at TABLEAUX.
  • TABLEAUX session 10 will begin at 16:10 instead of the previously announced 16:00.

July 20th, 2002

  • Added extra co-authors for a couple of HYLO papers.

July 19th, 2002

  • Slim Abdennadher will not be co-presenting the ICLP tutorial on Constraint Handling Rules. The tutorial will be given by Tom Frühwirth alone.
  • Session 2 of WG16 has for a few days been announced as ending at 12:20. The session has now been extended to 12:30.

July 16th, 2002

  • In the announcement FCS+VERFY joint panel, the moderators was erroneously listed instead of panelists. Now the panelists are correctly announced (I hope!).
  • RTA paper author Janis Voigtländer was erroneusly spelled "Voigtlaender" in the printed program. Fixed on the website.
  • Most REFINE invited talks have had new titles since the printed programs was produced. The invited talk by Jim Davies now has Charles Crichton as a co-author.

July 11th, 2002

  • LICS paper author Henrik Björklund was erroneusly spelled "Børklund" in the printed program. Fixed on the website.

July 10th, 2002

  • Corrected the title of the CADE paper by Joe Hurd scheduled to be presented at 16:15 on Saturday. (The printed program shows an obsolete title).

July 5th, 2002

  • Several bus stops were shown at slightly wrong places on the map sketches in the How to find FLoC section. Corrected this, and added names to all bus stops.
  • For about a week the social events page has contained severely suboptimal instructions for how to find the conference dinner from most hotels. This is now fixed.

July 1st, 2002

  • Today the program booklet was sent to the printer. This means that program data on the website can now be trusted, since it will take really good reasons to change the scheduling now. Any such future changes will be noted on this list.

June 25th, 2002

  • Conference dinners will take place at Restaurant Luftkastellet instead of Base Camp.
  • The room assignments for many workshops has changed. Do not trust room assignments you read on this website previously!

June 18th, 2002

  • Added Iliano Cervesato ti the list of VERIFY program committee members.

June 3rd, 2002

  • PCL final-papers deadline postponed to June 14th.

May 29th, 2002

May 28th, 2002

  • The organizers of the WG16 workshop have asked us to announce that participation in the workshop is only by invitation.
  • Change of program! The FCS workshop is now a two-day workshop, starting on June 25 and ending on June 26.
    (This happened on May 26, actually but I forgot to note it in the changes list)

May 5th, 2002

  • Change of program! The PaPS workshop now starts at noon on July 31st instead of on the morning of August 1st.

April 25th, 2002

April 24th, 2002

  • The CADE workshop on Strategies in Automated Deduction, scheduled for July 26th, has been canceled due to lack of submissions.

April 18th, 2002

  • WRS deadline extended to April 25. Abstreacts are due on April 21.

April 15th, 2002

  • Due to a low number of submissions, the NLULP workshop has reduced its program to one day, and will now take place on Sunday July 28 only.

April 14th, 2002

  • The on-line registration is still not here but sincerely expected "during the week". Bumped the expected date on the timeline from Monday to Wednesday nevertheless, just in case...

April 10th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for EFSD extended to April 28th.

April 5th, 2002

  • CADE author-notification date postponed to April 10th.
  • Paper deadline for CLPSE extended to May 31st.
  • The ICLP workshop on Updating Non-monotonic Knowledge Bases, scheduled for July 28 has been cancelled due to lack of submissions.

April 3rd, 2002

  • The online registration is still late. Postponed the promise on the FLoC timeline to April 15th, which essentially just means Real Soon Now.
  • PCL final deadline postponed to April 30th.

March 18th, 2002

  • The online registration, promised on March 15, is behind schedule. Latest estimate is that it will open by the end of this week.

February 18th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for NLULP extended to March 10th.

February 13th, 2002

  • FCS's camera-ready deadline moved from June 28 to June 23.

February 8th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for TABLEAUX extended again to to February 23. Abstracts must be submitted by February 19.

Februray 7th, 2002

  • Franz Baader has been added to the LICS program committee.

January 31th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for TABLEAUX extended to February 9. Abstracts must be submitted by February 5.

January 30th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for CADE extended to February 9.

January 14th, 2002

  • Paper deadline for RTA extended to January 27. Abstracts must still be submitted by January 15.
  • Paper deadline for CAV extended to January 22.

January 10th, 2002

  • The CADE-sponsored workshop on General-purpose Automated Deduction in Education, scheduled for August 1, has been cancelled.

December 29th, 2001

  • The CAV-sponsored Workshop on Logic and Synthesis for Programmable Devices, scheduled for July 26, has been cancelled.

December 11th, 2001

  • Added yet another missing ICLP program committee member: Maria Carcia de la Banda.

December 3rd, 2001

November 20th, 2001

  • Change of program! The VERIFY workshop has been moved to July 25-26. The FCS workshop has been moved to July 26.

November 12th, 2001

  • Cleared up inconsitent claims about page-size limits in the CAV call for papers. The correct limits are 13 or 4 pages, depending on submission category. Other parts of the CFP previously said 10 pages, but that was a mistake.

September 18th, 2001

  • Corrected postal addresses for the CAV program co-chairs.
  • Added Pascal Van Hentenryck to the list of ICLP program committee members. (Same story as below).

September 13th, 2001

  • Added Joxan Jaffar to the list of ICLP program committee members. (He has been on the committee all the time, but was previously left out from the official list by mistake).

August 31, 2001

  • Updated the TABLEAUX call for papers:
    • Submission deadline extended to February 2
    • New paper category "position papers and brief reports on work in progress"
    • System-description papers now expected to be published in the regular proceedings
  • Added reference to the FME workshop/tutorial proposal deadline to the calls-for-workshops and calls-for-tutorials overview pages (where they had previously been forgotten).

May 5, 2001

  • The dates of CAV, FME, ICLP, RTA, and TABLEAUX were changed to match what the poster says. (The dates displayed previously were taken from the preliminary announcement sent out about new year).

April 30, 2001