Hats by country

"Country" is a somewhat slippery concept. Is the European Union a country? It has a parliament and a currency. Is Scotland a country? It sends its own teams to international sports events (at least for some sports) - and has its own currency (at least banknotes) and a parliament, too.

The least arbitrary definition seems to be that a "country" equals one member of the United Nations. That definition will be used below.

[The punchline of this decision used to be that two Swiss institutions would be listed under a "(no country)" heading. That apparently succeeded where decades of quiet diplomacy and appeals to common sense had failed, because three weeks later the Swiss voted themselves into the UN. Please mail suggestions for a replacement punchline to the webmaster.]

USA has 426 hats

France has 195 hats

UK has 191 hats

Germany has 188 hats

Italy has 109 hats

Denmark has 97 hats

Japan has 60 hats

Sweden has 58 hats

The Netherlands has 54 hats

Spain has 45 hats

Israel has 40 hats

Brazil has 36 hats

Austria has 33 hats

Australia has 33 hats

Portugal has 25 hats

Canada has 24 hats

Belgium has 23 hats

Russia has 13 hats

China has 9 hats

Moldova has 8 hats

  • University of Applied Sciences of Moldova - 8 hats

Poland has 7 hats

  • University of Wroclaw - Jerzy Marcinkowski (RTA PC member) - Leszek Pacholski (CADE PC member) - Tomasz Wierzbicki (RTA paper co-author)
  • Warsaw University - Linh Anh Nguyen (TABLEAUX paper author) - Pawel Urzyczyn (ITRS PC member)
  • 2 institutions with one hat each.

Singapore has 7 hats

Switzerland has 7 hats

  • IBM Zürich - Birgit Pfitzmann (FME paper co-author; FCS PC member) - Michael Waidner (FCS Organizing Committee)
  • 4 institutions with one hat each.

Finland has 6 hats

Ireland has 6 hats

New Zealand has 6 hats

South Korea has 5 hats

Cyprus has 4 hats

Hungary has 4 hats

(no country) has 3 hats

Mexico has 3 hats

Norway has 3 hats

  • 3 institutions with one hat each.

Czech Republic has 2 hats

Slovakia has 2 hats

Venezuela has 2 hats

  • 2 institutions with one hat each.

Argentina has one hat

Estonia has one hat

Greece has one hat

Lithuania has one hat

Slovenia has one hat

Turkey has one hat

Ukraine has one hat