List of other European events

The following list of events that are "near" FLoC'02 in terms of geography, topic, and time is provided for your convenience. Prospective participants from outside Europe might consider combining FLoC with one of these in one trip.

The events listed are not affiliated with FLoC in any way. If you know of an event that should be listed here but isn't, please contact the webmaster.

  • July 1-5 in Marseille, France: CALCULEMUS - 10th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reasoning
    Also: AISC - Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation
  • July 8-10 at Dagstuhl, Germany: MPC - 6th International Conference on Mathematics of Program Construction
    Colocated: TIP - Workshop on Types in Programming.
  • July 8-13 in Málaga, Spain: ICALP - 29th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
  • July 18-19 in Galway, Ireland: MFCSIT - Second Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and Information Technology