Hotel bookings on the registration form

Hotel bookings can be made through our conference bureau, Van Hauen Conferences & Incentives ApS, by ticking the appropriate box on the on-line registration form. Hotel room allocation will be made on a first come, first serve basis.

All hotel reservations must be backed by a payment covering all nights (no accommodation is included in any of the registration fees).

Any modifications must be sent to Van Hauen Conferences & Incentives ApS in writing - not to the hotel. An administrative fee of DKK 100 will be charged for each modification received after forwarding of invoice.

Rooms have been pre-booked at the following hotels:

HotelPrice in DKK per night
SingleDoubleShared double
Kong Arthur 11001100600
Copenhagen Crown 920970540
Copenhagen Star 795--
Copenhagen Triton 920970540
Cab-Inn Copenhagen or Scandinavia 560730415
Absalon (shared bath) 430530315

Cancellation policy for pre-booked rooms

For cancellations received after May 20th 2002 and before June 19th, a refund of 50% of the price for the accommodation will be refunded.

After June 19th refund of the accommodation will be made only if the hotel is able allocate the reservation to a third party. All refunds will be processed after the meeting.

Arranging your own accomodation

As the cancellation policy for the pre-booked rooms is somewhat harsh, some participants may wish to arrange their own accomodation instead.

Here are some links to hotel lists on the net:

  • Wonderful Copenhagen's booking service has searches by price range.
  • Copenhagen NOW: List only names, postal addresses, and phone/fax numbers, but has listings by price range.
  • Extensive fact sheet about each hotel, but the geographical search is sometimes broken, and there is no search on price ranges.
  • Has listings by price range, but they are hidden in the "sections" sidebar.
  • Just a list of hotels linked to each hotel's website.
  • Promises low-price booking, but does not link to the hotel's own websites. Smells slightly fishy (and they're not based in Denmark...)
  •, a "low-budget Copenhagen tourist guide", has a list of "less expensive hotels". Warning: they frame the hotels' websites.

Is this nearby?

It is not easy for out-of-towners to judge wither a hotel on a list is "close enough" to the FLoC conference site. A quick rule-of-thumb is to look at the four-digit zipcode in the hotel's postal address. If it is numerically lower than or equal to 2200, the hotel can be assumed to be within a reasonable distance from FLoC. (Zipcode 2400 is also close by, but would break the numerical pattern, because 2300 is on the wrong side of town). This measure of "reasonable distance" translates roughly to a limit of 30-45 minutes by public transport. (The pre-booked hotels are all within this range).

Accomodation within walking distance from FLoC is sparse, but most of zipcodes 2100 and 2200 could be viewed as "hiking distance".

Other alternatives books private accomodation in the DKK 300-400 range. The limited supply may be fully booked early, and of course the quailty of the accomodation is a lottery.

Danhostel has two hostels in Copenhagen. With shared rooms they are significantly cheaper than hotels or B&B's, but you can stay for at most three nights unless you make a special agreement with the hostel management. Also, they are farther from the conference than the other choices.

Wonderful Copenhagen lists a selection of other accomodation alternatives, including a few bed-and-breakfasts and some dormitory-style "sleep-ins" (quite primitive, prices comparable to the hostels, but more centrally located).