FLoC'02 will take place at the H.C. Ørsted buildings in the University of Copenhagen's "Universitetsparken / Nørre Fælled" campus.

The postal address is

H.C. Ørsted-Instituttet
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Internet access for participants will be located at the nearby Department of Computer Science, "DIKU".

But where is that, actually?

Formally, Universitetsparken is the name of a short street that connects Jagtvej and Nørre Allé about 500 m south of their intersection at Vibenshus Runddel. The H.C. Ørsted buildings are located along Nørre Allé, about 300 m further south of the eastern end Universitetsparken.

When looking at a city map without a street key, start by locating the 3 km long belt of rectangular lakes just to the west and north of the city center. A little way NW of the northernmost lake, you find the park Fælledparken which is somewhat irregularly shaped and about 1 km across. FLoC will be about midway on the western edge of the park.

See also the How to find FLoC section which gives step-by-step instructions for finding the conference site starting at each of the pre-booked hotels.