FLoC'02 Organizing Committee

The organization of FLoC'02 is coordinated by an Organizing Committee consisting of liaisons from the various constituent meetings and a few other key persons in the FLoC'02 organization. They are supported by a Local Organization Committee consisting of local people who do the detailed organizing work.

The LOC's private web hierarchy is only accessible by members of the OC and LOC.

Organizing Committee

Local Organization Committee

Roles in the Local Organization Committee

TaskPersonBackup person
Conference chair: Neil D. Jones + Chin Soon Lee
Chief coordinator, master deadline watcher: Julia L. Lawall +
Budget: Lars Birkedal +
Danish fundraising (private): Dines Bjørner + Jørgen Villadsen
Danish fundraising (public): Neil D. Jones
Plenary events: Dines Bjørner + Jørgen Villadsen
Conference bureau coordination: Lars Birkedal +
Public relations: Dines Bjørner + Jørgen Villadsen
Webmaster: Henning Makholm + Niels H. Christensen
Workshop chair: Sebastian Skalberg + Torben Æ. Mogensen
Conference booklet: Andrzej Filinski + Henning Makholm
Local logistics: + Jens Peter Secher
Registration desk, name badges: Niels H. Christensen + Jens Peter Secher
Student helpers: +
Hardware for demos and competitions, AV equipment: Torben Æ. Mogensen + Andrzej Filinski
Book exhibits: Dines Bjørner + Jørgen Villadsen
Computing services, participant net access, interaction with local sysadmins: Jens Peter Secher + Sebastian Skalberg