How to find: Ibis Crown

From the airport to the hotel

  • After clearing customs at the airport, proceed straight ahead for about 100 m. Your path will be blocked by the staircase leading to platform 1 of the railway station. Circumnavigate the staircase and you will be at the "Train tickets" counter.
  • Buy a blue discount card for DKK 90. If there's a long line and you have a Visa card you can also buy your blue card in the red vending machine next to the Track 1 escalators. The "Klippekort 2 zoner" button should produce a blue card.
    (At least there's a poster in Danish that claims that the machine accepts Visa. The instructions on the machine does not repeat this claim, and we haven't tried with an actual non-Danish Visa card).
  • Go down to track 2. When you arrive at the platform, stamp your blue card twice (face up) in one of the boxy yellow machines at the foot of the escalator.
  • Board the next "øresundstog" train to the city center
    ø-togKøbenhavn H/Copenhagen
    Trains go at 06, 26, 46 minutes past every hour during the day. Be sure to check the destination displays before entering the train - some of the trains go to wrong parts of the city or require a surcharge.
  • Stay on the train when it stops at Tårnby and Ørestad.
  • Leave the train when it stops at the central stration "København H". When you exit the train, do not follow the crowd! Instead turn in the direction opposite to the train's direction of travel, away from the main station building. In the other end of the platform you will find outdoor stairs leading up to the streetbridge "Tietgensbroen" that goes over the platforms. Climb the stairs that go to the streetbridge.
  • On the side of the streetbridge that is nearest to the station building, you find the bus stop for
    The bus goes every 20 minutes; more often in peak hours.
    Show your stamped blue card to the driver when you enter the bus.
  • The bus ride takes about 3 minutes. Memoize this map sketch so you can find the right place to get off the bus (or bring a hardcopy if you're a quitter):
[map of bus route]
  • Press the STOP button the first time bus turns LEFT, unless someone else does.
  • Leave the bus at Vesterbros Torv and let it continue westwards. Walk east along Vesterbrogade; the hotel is at number 41 at the right (south) side of the street just past the streetlights. (The big sign outside the hotel says "Ibis / Accor", not "Crown").

From the hotel to the conference site

  • Leave the hotel about 35 minutes before you want to arrive at the conference site.
  • Turn right when you get out of the hotel, and walk east along Vesterbrogade for about 500 m. You cross Viktoriagade, Helgolandsgade, and Colbjørnsensgade.
  • When you are just about to cross Reventlovsgade, turn left instead along Farimagsgade. Farimagsgade is the street that goes through a building just north of Vesterbrogade.
  • At the next intersection you find the S-train station Vesterport. Go down to the platform and stamp your blue card once. Take the first northbound train:
    EHellerup -or- Hillerød
    Trains go once every few minutes.
  • Leave the train at the next station which is Nørreport, an underground station.
  • There are several possible stairs leading up to street level. All of them emerge in a pedestrian concourse in the middle of the street Nørre Voldgade. Walk north along the concourse (north is the same way your train went), until you pass by a bus terminal and reach the crossing street Gothersgade. Turn left and cross the southgoing lane of Nørre Voldgade, then right and cross Gothersgade, then left along Gothersgade.
  • After walking about 50 meters you find the bus stop for
    42Bagsværd, Værebroparken
    43Bagsværd, Værebroparken
    Buses go about once every 10 minutes in the day.
    Show your stamped blue card to the driver when you enter the bus.
  • The bus ride takes about 8 minutes. Here's where to get off this time:
[map of bus route]
  • Press the STOP button after passing the bus stop at Fredrik Bajers Plads, unless someone else does.
  • Leave the bus at Universitetsparken. Follow the signs with the FLoC logo.

When going back to the hotel:

All buses from the bus stop outside DIKU (the computer science department) go to Nørreport. If you get bus 150S you can continue past Nørreport to the central station and walk from there to the hotel. It is not recommended to take 150S to FLoC on the first day, as it runs infrequently on certain hours of the day.

(Map sketches used with permission from Kraks Forlag A/S)

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