Participant list for WLPE


Name Affiliation Country Email (with "*" for "@")
Magnus Ĺgren Swedish Institute of Computer Sci. Sweden maag3377*
Nicos Angelopoulos Imperial College UK nicos*
Tamás Benkö IQSOFT Ltd. Hungary benko*
Mireille Ducassé IRISA/INSA de Rennes France ducasse*
François Fages Inria France francois.fages*
Göran Falkman University of Skövde Sweden goran.falkman*
María García de la Banda Monash University Australia mbanda*
Narendra Jussien Ecole des Mines de Nantes France Narendra.Jussien*
Ludovic Langevine INRIA France ludovic.langevine*
Willy Lesaint Universite D'Orleans France willy.lesaint*
Ulrich Neumerkel Vienna University of Technology Austria ulrich*
Joachim Schimpf IC-Parc, Imperial College UK j.schimpf*
Alexandre Tessier Universite D'Orleans France Alexandre.Tessier*
Olof Torgersson Chalmers University of Technology Sweden oloft*
Claudio Alejandro Vaucheret UPM - DIA - CLIP Spain claudio*
Anders Vesterberg Netia Data AB Sweden
David S. Warren Stony Brook University USA warren*
Jan Wielemaker University of Amsterdam The Netherlands jan*


Country Count
France 6
Sweden 4
UK 2
Australia 1
Austria 1
Hungary 1
Spain 1
The Netherlands 1
Total 18

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