Verification Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25-26, 2002
Affiliated with CADE-18

Traditionally, verification has been one of the main areas of application for automated theorem proving. On the one hand side, the formal development of safety or security critical systems creates numerous deduction problems that are not only interesting and challenging but also of practical relevance. On the other hand, automated theorem proving offers the means to reduce the development burden in such formal developments, thus making them feasible.

The aim of this verification workshop is to bring together people who are interested in the development of safety and security critical systems, in formal methods in general, in automated theorem proving, and in tool support for formal developments. The overall objective of VERIFY is on the identification of open problems and the discussion of possible solutions under the theme

What are the verification problems? What are the deduction techniques?

The emphasis of this years workshop will be on the application of formal methods to issues in computer security. Computer security is of fast-growing importance as computer systems more and more affect various aspects of everyday life. Examples are electronic commerce, computer assisted business processes, air traffic control, and multi-functional chipcards as well as databases containing personal data like, e.g., social security information, health records, or bank accounts. To ensure the security of those systems is a primordial task because security violations may endanger financial assets or even human lives. The application of formal methods during the development process results in a high confidence that the resulting systems operate correctly. Major research topics in this area are the modelling of security requirements and the development of powerful theorem proving support. Therefore, submissions in this area are especially encouraged.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

+ Access control + Protocol verification
+ ATP techniques in verification + Refinement and decomposition
+ Case studies (specification and verification) + Reuse of specifications and proofs
+ Combination of verification systems + Safety critical systems
+ Compositional and modular reasoning + Security for mobile computing
+ Fault tolerance + Security models
+ Gaps between problems and techniques + Verification systems
+ Information flow control

Due to the focus on security of this years workshop, there are common interests with the LICS workshop on foundations of computer security, FCS. Joint submissions to both workshops are possible and, depending upon accepted papers, the two workshops will have shared sessions.

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