Participant list for VDM


Name Affiliation Country Email (with "*" for "@")
Nazareno Aguirre King's College London UK aguirre*
Bernhard K. Aichernig United Nations Univ. Brazil bka*
Jay Bagga Ball State University USA jbagga*
Juan Carlos Bicarregui CLRC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. UK j.c.bicarregui*
Dines Bjørner Tech. Univ. of Denmark Denmark db*
John Shaw Fitzgerald Transitive Tech. Ltd. UK johnf*
Victor V. Kuliamin ISP RAS Russia kuliamin*
Birol Kuni Tellabs Denmark A/S Denmark birol.kuni*
Peter Gorm Larsen Systematic Software Engineering A/S Denmark pgl*
Yves Ledru LSR/IMAG France Yves.Ledru*
Olivier Maury LSR/IMAG France olivier.maury*
Paul Mukherjee Systematic Software Engineering A/S Denmark pmu*
José Nuno Oliveira University of Minho Portugal jno*
Alexander Petrenko ISP RAS Russia petrenko*
Shin Sahara Japan Future Info. Technology & Sy Japan ss*
Natsuki Terada Railway Technical Research Inst Japan nterada*


Country Count
Denmark 4
UK 3
France 2
Japan 2
Russia 2
Brazil 1
Portugal 1
Total 16

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