VDM accepted papers

Regular papers

Nazareno M. Aguirre, King's College London, UK; Juan Bicarregui, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK; Theodosis Dimitrakos, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK; and Thomas S. E. Maibaum, King's College London, UK
Structuring in VDM and B

Keijiro Araki, Kyushu U, Japan and Han-Myung Chang, Nanzan U, Japan
Formal methods in Japan: Current state, problems and challenges

Alexander A. Koptelov, Victor V. Kuliamin, and Alexander K. Petrenko; ISP/RAS Moscow, Russia
VDM++TesK: Testing of VDM++ programs

Olivier Maury, Yves Ledru, Pierre Bontron, and Lydie du Bousquet; IMAG Grenoble, France
Using TOBIAS for the automatic generation of VDM test cases

Natsuki Terada, Railway Techn. Research Inst., Tokyo, Japan
Integrity analysis of digital ATC track database with automatic proofs