UNIF accepted papers

Regular papers

Siva Anantharaman, U Orléans, France; Paliath Narendran, State U of New York-Albany, USA; and Michaël Rusinowitch, LORIA Nancy, France
ACID-unification, rewrite reachability and set constraints

Franz Baader, Dresden U of Techn., Germany and Cesare Tinelli, U Iowa, USA
ACU-unification with a successor symbol

Leo Bachmair, State U of New York-Stony Brook, USA and Christelle Scharff, Pace U, USA
Direct combination of completion and congruence closure

Iliano Cervesato, ITT Industries, USA
Solution count for multiset unification with trailing multiset variables

Silvio Ghilardi and Lorenzo Sacchetti, U Milan, Italy
Filtering unification: the case of modal logic

Makoto Hamana, U Gunma, Japan
Simple β0-unification for terms with context holes

Konstantin Korovin and Andrei Voronkov, U Manchester, UK
The decidability of the first-order theory of the Knuth-Bendix orders in the case of unary signatures

Mircea Marin and Aart Middeldorp, U Tsukuba, Japan
New completeness results for lazy conditional narrowing

Benjamin Monate, U Paris XI (Paris-Sud), France
Parameterized string rewriting systems

Quang Huy Nguyen, LORIA Nancy, France
A constructive decision procedure for equalities modulo AC

Joachim Niehren, Saarland U, Germany and Mateu Villaret, U Girona, Spain
Parallelism and tree regular constraints

Hitoshi Ohsaki and Toshinori Takai, AIST, Japan
A tree automata theory for unification modulo equational rewriting

Silvio Ranise, LORIA Nancy, France
A superposition decision procedure for the logic of equality with interpreted and uninterpreted functions

Manfred Schmidt-Schauß, Frankfurt U, Germany and Klaus U. Schulz, U Munich, Germany
Decidability of bounded higher-order unification