REFINE accepted papers

Regular papers

Bernhard Aichernig, UNU/IIST, Macau, China
Contract-based mutation testing in the refinement calculus

Matthias Anlauff and Asuman Sünbül, Kestrel Inst., USA
Towards component based systems: refining connectors

Christie Bolton and Jim Davies, Oxford U, UK
A comparison of refinement orderings and their associated simulation rules

Steve Dunne, U Teesside, UK
Junctive compositions of specifications in total and general correctness

Harald Fecher and Mila Majster-Cederbaum, U Mannheim, Germany
Taking decisions late: end-based choice combined with action refinement

Harald Fecher, Mila Majster-Cederbaum, and Jinzhao Wu; U Mannheim, Germany
Refinement of actions in a real-time process algebra with a true concurrency model

Lindsay Groves, Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand
Refinement and the Z schema calculus

Adrian Hilton and Jon G. Hall, The Open U, UK
Refining specifications to programmable logic

Yngve Lamo, Bergen U College, Norway and Michal Walicki, U Bergen, Norway
Composition and refinement of specifications and parameterised data types

Antónia Lopes and José Luiz Fiadeiro, U Lisbon, Portugal
Superposition: Composition vs refinement of non-deterministic, action-based systems

Susan Stepney, Logica Cambridge, UK; Fiona Polack, U York, UK; and Ian Toyn, U York, UK
Refactoring in maintenance and development of Z specifications and proofs