Participant list for RADM


Name Affiliation Country Email (with "*" for "@")
Peter Andrews Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA andrews*
Serge Autexier DFKI Germany autexier*
Alan Bundy The Univ. of Edinburgh UK a.bundy*
Paul Cairns University College London UK p.cairns*
Simon Colton University of Edinburgh UK simonco*
Jeremy Gow University College London UK j.gow*
John Harrison Intel Corporation, JFI-13 USA johnh*
Michael Kohlhase Carnegie Mellon University USA kohlhase+*
Roy McCasland University of Edinburgh UK rmccasla*
Georg Moser Universität Münster Germany moserg*
Hirokazu Murao Univ. Electro-Communications Japan murao*
Martin Pollet University of Birmingham UK M.Pollet*
Christoph Schwarzweller Wilhelm-Schickard-Inst. for Com. Germany schwarzw*
Alan Smaill Univ. Edinburgh UK a.smaill*
Volker Sorge University of Birmingham UK V.Sorge*


Country Count
UK 8
Germany 3
Japan 1
Total 15

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