PCL accepted papers

Regular papers

Ofer Arieli, Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Israel; Marc Denecker, U Brussels (Libre), Belgium; Bert Van Nuffelen, K.U. Leuven, Belgium; and Maurice Bruynooghe, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Repairing inconsistent databases: A model-theoretic approach and abductive reasoning

Philippe Besnard, U Potsdam, Germany; Torsten Schaub, U Potsdam, Germany; Hans Tompits, Vienna U of Techn., Austria; and Stefan Woltran, Vienna U of Techn., Austria
Paraconsistent reasoning via quantified boolean formulas, I: Axiomatising signed systems

François Bry, U Munich, Germany
An almost classical logic for logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning

Dina Goldin, U Connecticut, USA and Peter Wegner, Brown U, USA
Paraconsistency of interactive computation

Michael Maher, Loyola U Chicago, USA
A model-theoretic semantics for defeasible logic

Jan Maluszynski and Aida Vitória, Linköping U, Sweden
Defining rough sets by extended logic programs

Jørgen Villadsen, Techn. U of Denmark
A paraconsistent higher order logic

Guo-Qiang Zhang, Case Western Reserve U, USA
Axiomatic aspects of default inference