NLULP accepted papers

Regular papers

Marilisa Amoia, Saarland U, Germany; Claire Gardent, LORIA Nancy, France; and Stephan Thater, Saarland U, Germany
Using set constraints to generate distinguishing descriptions

Henning Christiansen, U Roskilde, Denmark
Abductive language interpretation as bottom-up deduction

Mike Daniels and Detmar Meurers, Ohio State U, USA
Improving the efficiency of parsing with discontinuous constituents

Katrin Erk and Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Saarland U, Germany
A constraint-programming approach to parsing with resource-sensitive categorial grammar

Chris Fox, U Essex, UK; Shalom Lappin, King's College London, UK; and Carl Pollard, Ohio State U, USA
First-order, Curry-typed logic for natural language semantics

Barbara Gawronska, U Skövde, Sweden
Employing cognitive notions in multilingual summarization of news reports

Balder ten Cate, U Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Chung-chieh Shan, Harvard U, USA
Question answering: From partitions to Prolog