LL accepted papers

Regular papers

Josh Berdine, Queen Mary, U London, UK; Peter O'Hearn, Queen Mary, U London, UK; and Hayo Thielecke, U Birmingham, UK
Extracting the range of CPS from affine typing

Nicholas Biri and Didier Galmiche, LORIA Nancy, France
A modal linear logic for distribution and mobility

Marco Bozzano, ITC-irst, Italy and Giorgio Delzanno, U Genova, Italy
Protocol verification via a bottom-up evaluation strategy for linear logic programs

Paolo Coppola, U Udine, Italy and Simona Ronchi Della Rocca, U Turin, Italy
Principal typing in elementary affine logic

Berndt Farwer, U Hamburg, Germany and Kundan Misra, U Warwick, UK
Object net modification using linear logic Petri nets

James Harland, RMIT U, Australia
Issues for proof-theoretic modelling of embedded infinitary computations

Dominic Hughes and Rob van Glabbeek, Stanford U, USA
MALL proof nets

Paul-André Melliès, U Paris VII, France
Innocence in 2-dimensional games

Dale Miller, Penn State U, USA
Higher-order quantification and proof search: an extended abstract

Luca Roversi, U Turin, Italy
A bridge between a proof-theoretical and a declarative system for polynomial functions

Sergey Slavnov, Cornell U, USA
Geometrical semantics for linear logic (multiplicative fragment)