Participant list for LFM


Name Affiliation Country Email (with "*" for "@")
Andrew Bernard Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA andrewb*
Lars Birkedal The IT Univ. of Cph Denmark birkedal*
Iliano Cervesato ITT Ind. AES Division USA iliano*
Roy L. Crole Univ.of Leicester UK R.Crole*
David Delahaye Chalmers Univ.of Tech. Sweden delahaye*
Jean De Nivelle Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik Germany nivelle*
Amy Felty University of Ottawa Canada afelty*
Didier Galmiche LORIA - Univ.Henri Poincare France galmiche*
Makoto Hamana Gunma University Japan hamana*
Daniel Hirschkoff ENS Lyon France Daniel.Hirschkoff*
Peter Lee Carnegie Mellon University USA Peter.Lee*
Pablo López University of Malaga Spain lopez*
Micaela Mayero Chalmers University of Technology Sweden mayero*
Daniel Mery LORIA - Univ Henri Poincare France dmery*
Marino Miculan DiMI - University of Udine Italy miculan*
Dale Miller Penn State University USA dale*
Alberto Momigliano University of Leicester UK am133*
Nikos Mylonakis Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya Spain nicos*
Gopalan Nadathur University of Minnesota USA gopalan*
Frank Pfenning Carnegie Mellon University USA fp*
Brigitte Pientka Carnegie Mellon University USA bp*
Elaine Pimentel UFMG - Federal University of Minas Gerai Brazil elaine*
Ernesto Pimentel University of Malaga Spain ernesto*
Carsten Schürmann Yale University USA carsten*
Paula Gabriela Severi Universita di Torino UK ps56*
Aaron Stump Stanford University USA stump*
Joseph Vanderwaart Carnegie Mellon Univ., Computer Sci USA joev*
Femke van Raamsdonk Vrije Universiteit The Netherlands femke*


Country Count
USA 10
France 3
Spain 3
UK 3
Sweden 2
Brazil 1
Canada 1
Denmark 1
Germany 1
Italy 1
Japan 1
The Netherlands 1
Total 28

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