IMLA accepted papers

Regular papers

Steve Awodey, Carnegie Mellon U, USA and Andrej Bauer, U Ljubljana, Slovenia
Propositions as [types]

Gianluigi Bellin, U Verona, Italy
Towards a formal pragmatics: An intuitionistic theory of assertive and conjectural judgements with an extension of Gödel, McKinsey and Tarski's S4 translation.

Olivier Brunet, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France
A modal logic for observation-based knowledge representation

J. M. Davoren, Australian National U; V. Coulthard, Australian National U; T. Moor, Australian National U; Rajeev P. Goré, Australian National U; and A. Nerode, Cornell U, USA
Topological semantics for intuitionistic modal logics, and spatial discretisation by A/D maps

Claudio Hermida, IST Lisbon, Portugal
A categorical outlook on relational modalities and simulations

Maria Emilia Maietti, U Padova, Italy and Eike Ritter, U Birmingham, UK
Modal run-time analysis revisited