FME/CoLogNet Industry Day
Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25th, 2002
Affiliated with FME 2002

FME and CoLogNET are pleased to sponsor a special full-day meeting at FLoC'02, devoted to formal methods and industry. The day will contain presentations by management level as well as discussions focused on industry issues. Leading figures will take part from European industries that rely on the research, development and use of formal methods. Topics for the day include the FM market, state of the art and future directions, the role of formal specifications and logics in phases of development including design and testing, technology transfer, suggested areas for academic research and tools development.

In addition to invited speakers from industry, a special information session will be held on the 6th Framework Programme, the latter with Dr David Pearce from the European Commission DG on the Information Society.

This event provides a unique opportunity for engineers and managers in industry to share experience, technology and concerns. It is also aimed squarely at all formal methods researchers wishing to keep in touch with the needs of practitioners.

How to participate

All such FLoC'02 participants who are registered for one of the conferences and/or workshops are invited to attend the day free of charge (no free lunch is included, of course)

Invited speakers


Dines Bjørner <>, Techn. U of Denmark

IDAY Chair

John Fitzgerald <>, Transitive Technologies Ltd, UK