HOR accepted papers

Regular papers

Horatiu Cirstea, Claude Kirchner, Luigi Liquori, and Benjamin Wack; LORIA Nancy, France
The rho cube: some results, some problems

Julien Forest, U Paris XI (Paris-Sud), France
Evaluation strategies for calculi with explicit pattern matching and substitutions

Makoto Hamana, U Gunma, Japan
Term rewriting with variable binding

Daniel Leivant, Indiana U Bloomington, USA
Untyped term rewriting

Paul-André Melliès, U Paris VII, France
On head rewriting paths in the λσ-calculus

Alberto Momigliano, U Leicester, UK
Higher-order pattern disunification revisited

Masahiko Sakai, Nagoya U, Japan and Keiichirou Kusakari, Tohoku U, Japan
On proving termination of higher-order rewrite systems by the dependency pair technique