FCS committee members' interests

Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security - FCS'02

Program Committee Members:

  • Iliano Cervesato:
    Specification languages for security protocols, logical frameworks, linear logic
  • Véronique Cortier:
    Automata, counter systems, security protocols
  • Grit Denker:
    Cryptographic protocols, PKI, semantic web, semantic and logical models, applications of formal models
  • Carl Gunter:
    Mobile code, security infrastructure, formal analysis of network protocols and software
  • Alan Jeffrey:
    Foundations of programming languages, operational semantics, type systems, concurrent and distributed languages, correctness of cryptographic protocols
  • Somesh Jha:
    Intrusion detection, Static Analysis for detection of Malcious code, Formal methods and security, Model checking
  • Trevor Jim:
    Trust management, public-key infrastructures, language-based security
  • Heiko Mantel:
    Formal methods for security, refinement, compositionality, tool support for formal software engineering, linear logic
  • Catherine Meadows:
    Specification and verification of cryptographic protocols, denial of service
  • Flemming Nielson:
    Static analysis for security and safety, flow logic and constraint solving, data security, type and effect systems
  • Birgit Pfitzmann:
    Copyright protection schemes, fair exchanges, secure e-commerce architectures, joining cryptographic and formal-methods techniques in proofs of protocols, trustworthy computing bases for electronic commerce
  • David Sands:
    Language Based Security, Information Flow, Static Analysis, Program Transformation
  • Stephen Weeks:
    Trust management systems, public key infrastructure, cryptography, static analysis

Organizing Committee Members:

  • Martín Abadi:
    Computer and network security, specification and verification methods, programming languages
  • Hubert Comon:
    Term rewriting, symbolic constraint solving, tree automata techniques, verification of infinite state systems
  • Joseph Halpern:
    Reasoning about knowledge and uncertainty, game theory, fault tolerance in distributed computing, program verification, reasoning about security
  • Gavin Lowe:
    Concurrency, particularly the process algebra CSP; formal modelling of computer security
  • Jonathan Millen:
    Formal methods for cryptographic protocol analysis, modelling of high-assurance systems
  • Michael Mislove:
    Non-deterministic and concurrent languages
  • John Mitchell:
    Language-Based Security; Probabilistic Polynomial-time Protocol Analysis; Java Bytecode
  • Bill Roscoe:
    Theory of concurrency, data independence, verification of scalable systems, security, especially information flow and cryptographic protocols
  • Peter Ryan:
    Information assurance, cryptography, security protocols, process algebra, dependability, survivability
  • Steve Schneider:
    Formal methods for computer security, timed CSP: theory and application, process algebra and action systems, safety-critical systems
  • Vitaly Shmatikov:
    Anonymity and Privacy; Constraint Solving; Finite-State Protocol Analysis; Theory of Programming Languages
  • Paul Syverson:
    System design, formal requirements, logic, analysis for: anonymity, availability, distributing trust, crypto protocols, information flow
  • Michael Waidner:
    Multi-party security, privacy, application to electronic commerce, medicine, and mobile communication, cryptology and distributed systems
  • Rebecca Wright:
    Cryptography, design and analysis of secure distributed protocols, electronic commerce, network security