CLPSE accepted papers

Regular papers

Jing Dong, Paulo S. C. Alencar, and Donald D. Cowan; U Waterloo, USA
Modeling and analysis of design component contracts in logic programming

J. Ferrer, A. Lorenzo, I. Ramos, J. A. Carsí, and J. Perez; Polytechnic U of Valencia, Spain
Modeling dynamic aspects in architectures and multiagent systems

Gopal Gupta, U Texas-Dallas, USA
A language-based approach to software engineering: Domain specific languages meet software components

Kung-Kiu Lau, U Manchester, UK and Mario Ornaghi, Univeristy of Milan, Italy
A priori reasoning for component-based software development

N. Pelin, S. Pelin, and A. Pelin; U Applied Sciences of Moldova, Moldova
The problem of knowledge structurization and use during training and consultation

S. Pelin, N. Pelin, I. Orlovsky, A. Miron, and Y. Grinev; U Applied Sciences of Moldova, Moldova
On the problem of creation of Prolog operating system