Computational Logic In Multi-Agent Systems
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1st, 2002
Affiliated with ICLP 2002

Multi-agent systems (MAS) have become an increasingly important area of research, not least because of the advances in the Internet and Robotics. However multi-agent systems can become very complicated, and, consequently, reasoning about the behaviour of such systems can become extremely difficult. Therefore, it is important to be able to formalise multi-agent systems and, to do so in such a way that allows automated reasoning about agents' behaviour. The purpose of this workshop is to present techniques, based on computational logic (CL), for multi-agent systems in a formal way.

We solicit unpublished papers that address formal approaches to multi-agent systems. The approaches as well as being formal must make a significant contribution to the practice of multi-agent systems. Relevant techniques include the following:

  • Nonmonotonic reasoning in multi-agent systems
  • Planning under incomplete information in multi-agent systems
  • Usage of abduction in multi-agent systems
  • Representation of knowledge and belief in multi-agent systems
  • Temporal reasoning for multi-agent systems
  • Theory of argumentation for multi-agent negotiation and co-operation
  • Communication languages for multi-agent systems
  • Distributed constraint satisfaction in multi-agent systems
  • Decision theory for multi-agents
  • Distributed theorem proving for multi-agent systems

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