CAV 2002 Call for Workshops

Workshops affiliated to CAV'02 will be held before and after the main conferences, on 26 July and 1 August. Researchers and practitioners wishing to organize such a one day workshop are invited to contact the CAV'02 Chairpersons.

Final workshop proposals are due December 1, 2001, and should be submitted to the CAV'02 Chairpersons by electronic mail in ASCII or Postscript format. A proposal should not exceed two pages and should describe the topic of the workshop, the names and contact information of the organizers, the estimated dates for paper submissions, notification of acceptance, and final versions, the expected number of participants, and any other relevant information (e.g., invited speakers, panels, publication policy, demo sessions etc.).

The proposals will be evaluated by the CAV'02 Chairpersons on the basis of their assessed benefit for prospective participants to CAV'02. Acceptance decisions will be made by January 10, 2002. The titles and brief information related to accepted workshop proposals will be included in the conference program and advertised in the call for participation.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for producing a Call for Papers, Web site, reviewing and making acceptance decisions on submitted papers and scheduling workshop activities in consultation with the local organizers. Any further information needed for preparing a workshop proposal can be obtained from the CAV'02 Chairpersons .