CADE-18 ATP System Competition
Copenhagen, Denmark, July 28th, 2002
Affiliated with CADE-18

The CADE-18 ATP System Competition

The CADE ATP System Competition (CASC) is an annual evaluation of sound, fully automatic, classical 1st order ATP systems. The evaluation is in terms of:

  • the number of problems solved, and
  • the number of problems solved with a solution output, and
  • the average runtime for problems solved;
in the context of:
  • a bounded number of eligible problems, chosen from the TPTP Problem Library, and
  • a specified time limit for each solution attempt.

In addition to the primary aim of evaluating the relative capabilities of ATP systems, CASC aims to stimulate ATP research in general, stimulate ATP research towards autonomous systems, motivate implementation and fixing of systems, provide an inspiring environment for personal interaction between ATP researchers, and expose ATP systems to researchers both within and outside the ATP community. Fulfillment of these objectives is expected to provide stimulus and insight that can lay the basis for the development of more powerful ATP systems, leading to increased and more effective usage.

Further details are available from the CASC-18 WWW page.


Competition panel