AS accepted papers

Regular papers

Cláudio R. V. Carvilhe and Martín A. Musicante, Federal U of Paraná, Brazil
An object-oriented view of action semantics descriptions

Ki-Hwan Choi, Hanyang U, South Korea; Kyung-Goo Doh, Hanyang U, South Korea; and Seung Cheol Shin, Dongyang U, South Korea
The analysis of secure information-flow in actions by abstract interpretation

Jørgen Iversen, U Aarhus, Denmark
Type inference for the new action notation

Alexey Kalinov, Alexander S. Kossatchev, Mikhail Posypkin, and V. Shishkov; ISP/RAS Moscow, Russia
Using ASM specification for automatic test suite generation for mpC parallel programming language compiler

Luis Carlos Meneses and Hermano Moura, Federal U of Pernambuco, Brazil
An extensible definition for action notation

Luis Carlos Meneses, Hermano Moura, Wanderley Cansancao, Monique Monteiro, and Pablo Sampaio; Federal U of Pernambuco, Brazil
The Abaco system: An action tool for programming language designers

Peter D. Mosses, U Aarhus, Denmark
A modular SOS for action notation, revisited

Adnan Sherif, Ana Cavalcanti, and Hermano Moura; Federal U of Pernambuco, Brazil
Using Abaco to animate a real-time specification language

Mark van den Brand and Jurgen Vinju, CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands
How ASF+SDF technology can be used to develop an action semantics environment

Tijs van der Storm, U Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AN-2 tools